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Confetti and sparks in the strong house

Confetti and sparks in the strong house

Confetti and sparks in La casa fuerte

Paraddax has once again been part of the television offer that Mediaset provides to its viewers through one of its most popular programs: La casa fuerte (The Strong House ).

Presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez and Sonsóles Ónega , the well-known reality show featured 14 famous contestants organized in pairs who were confined to a villa.

On the set where the galas were televised and took place, we could appreciate the special effects that Paraddax implemented in several parts of the program.

Throughout the season, we have been present with different special effects designed for specific moments where the expectation was at its highest.

Confetti and sparks in La casa fuerte, have been key to increase the television tension during the final gala.

In television, special effects can play a fundamental role if they are properly implemented, as was the case. The scenography already planned offered great possibilities that Bulldog TV, the production company we worked with, knew how to read to perfection.

The safe was the main focus of attention, so all eyes were focused on it during the final and the smoke and sparks were essential ingredients to achieve the mystery we were looking for.


Specifically, we provided Bulldog TV for this project:

1 smokejet smoke machine

2 sparkular mini

And for the grand finale: 12 power shots with gold and silver confetti cannons, which exploded on the set once the winners were proclaimed.

The union of both in the air, added color and a sense of victory, something that the spectator could appreciate from home in detail.