Super Blaster Xl


Ideal to make a dense rain of confetti on the public. The propulsion by compressed CO2 allows to release a continuous rain of confetti.

SUPER BLASTER XL, jet confetti launcher with CO2.

MAGICFX® SUPER BLASTER XL is a machine expressly designed to generate a continuous rain of confetti capable of completely filling large outdoor volumes such as squares, avenues, stadiums, etc.

Unlike single shot machines, the propulsion by means of compressed CO2 allows to generate a continuous confetti rain.

Designed for outdoor use, this powerful tool can also be used in large indoor areas such as macro discos or pavilions without any risk.

Our confetti machine incorporates a manual control to adjust the power of the shot, the on and off of the device. It allows to regulate the firing angle of the cannon, so that its deployment and integration in events and shows is always the best possible.

These features together make this confetti machine a professional and highly reliable machine capable of working in the most extreme circumstances.

Confetti: size, color, paper/metallic texture according to customer and stock.


  • Measurements: (L x W x H) 66 x 38,5 x 137 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Control: manual
  • Outdoor and large indoor
  • CO2 propulsion
  • Continuous firing
  • Adjustable firing angle
  • Maximum range 25m
  • Consumables: Confetti / Liquid CO2
Super Blaster User Tutorial - Paraddax
Super Blaster User Tutorial - Paraddax

Tutorial de uso de nuestra máquina de chorro continuo de confetis. ideal para crear una lluvia densa de confetis.
Our continuous confetti jet effect machine user tutorial. Perfect to create dense confetti rain.