Fog screen

Holographic images on what many think of as a smoke screen.
Images suspended in the air as if by magic and with the possibility of being able to cross them at any time.... This is what you can present in your institutional or promotional event thanks to our Fog Screen device, although many think it is a smoke screen, it is a water curtain where holographic images are projected.
Erroneously called smoke screen, it is a curtain of water vapor where holographic images are projected
Rent a fog screen for holograms
The use of this holographic device is only for indoor events. On numerous occasions it is hired and can be seen on catwalks, promotional events, in cinemas, commercial events... On this fog screen two different images can be projected, since the water vapor curtain acts as a door and if two holographic projectors are placed on each side, it is possible to generate an entrance image and an exit image.

The technological entrance door
Mistakenly called smoke screen, it is a water vapor curtain.

We transform water into particles so fine that they do not wet. It works by back projection. Low current and water consumption. There are several models and sizes.

Very silent. For indoor use only.

Being able to cross the projection surface it is possible to place it behind a door or any place of passage encouraging people to cross the images and placing a project on each side of the fog curtain you can get to project an image for the entrance and a different one at the exit.

Examples of use:

Fashion runways.

Access to spaces - Stargate type door.

To attract attention in stands.

TV program: entrance / exit of guests or nominees.

Installation in places of passage as a door - Stargate type door.


Measurements: 109cm x 64cm x 75cm - width x height x depth.

Weight: 60kg / ml

Installation: Hanging from the ceiling or by truss or supported by 1 structure

Technique: Untreated water diffused by ultrasonic waves.

Projector: From 5,000 ANSI Lumens depending on lighting environment.

Consumption: 6-8 liters of water/hour/meter.

Operating temperature: Between +5º C and 40º C

Manual or DMX control

Recommended: Lighting and environment as dark as possible behind the screen.

Avoid drafts, direct light to the curtain and the hot-spot of the projector.