Water Screen

Water Screen for 3D holographic effects
Our Water Screen is a water screen for projecting 3D holograms. This holographic display is ideal for attracting attention at night projections in large open spaces. It is also used where water has a presence, such as events, meetings, conventions or shows in pools, lakes or near the sea.
Rent our water screens for your events and exhibitions.
Rent our water screens for your events and exhibitions.
The holographic images projected on this water screen are usually brightly colored, which generate a lot of contrast on the black background.
Water screens are a formidable and fun way to create a 3D holographic effect of colossal dimensions.
Using pressurized water, a semi-circle of water is created that appears or disappears in seconds - without any visible structure it is possible to generate visual content that seems to float in the air as if by magic in front of the audience. Water screens are available in various sizes from 5m high up to 20m high, creating a width 3 times larger.

Holograms projected on water screens

The water screen, basically consists of a powerful pump that projects water at high pressure on a metallic semicircle.

Ideal for exteriors. Large spaces or swimming pools / lakes / seas.

The projection has to be with a powerful rear projection projector.

Moving images on black background with vivid colors and high contrast.

We have several sizes from 5m high to 20m high, creating a width 3 times wider.

Examples of use:

Lakes, fountains, rivers, parks, swimming pools, multimedia shows, commercials....


Installation on bodies of water

High image quality

Creation of large three-dimensional holographic effects