We are experts in stimulating visual emotions


We are dedicated to the extraordinary and avoid the ordinary.

In other words, through our projectors and hologram devices we create that famous "wow effect".

We flee from the conventional to provide creative services to professionals in communication, events, television, advertising, theater, museums, festivals, art, retail...

Since 1998, we have been offering out-of-the-ordinary audiovisual solutions to generate emotion and surprise. In particular, we have always been fascinated by research on how to keep an image suspended in the air.

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We are dedicated to the extraordinary and avoid the ordinary.
Today holography is becoming a support with great possibilities as a communication tool, every day they are more present in presentations, streaming events ... even in museums, shopping malls and airports.

We have also seen them in the world of fashion and cinema.

Holographic projections are an innovative technological resource with great return and claim

In our 3D holographic projectors and productions company we offer the best products for your advertising campaign, event or presentation to cause a great sensation in the public.

Our holograms work effectively for clients from different sectors, from industrial to cultural. The displays we offer in our hologram company are a powerful visualization and communication tool for technical and didactic applications.

In our holographic displays we show 3D objects beyond the classic 2D conventional display.

Our holographic supports allow to mix reality (a product, a piece ....) with virtuality (effects, messages, design...). In this way, a point is reached where reality is confused with fiction. In addition, our projectors and holographic devices are the perfect tool to communicate, since they manage to capture people's attention and in most cases the experience is social, not individual.

For rent or for sale, there are many solutions. Our artistic and technical proposals will be more relevant and successful if we know the details of the project (date, place, purpose, audience, context, dynamics, budget, other elements...). Do not hesitate to contact our 3D imaging company. We currently have clients who have rented our holograms in Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Malaga, Valladolid, Oviedo, Santiago, Granada, San Sebastian or La Coruña, for events, parties, congresses...

The best letter of introduction of our 3D holograms company is the long list of great customers who trust us and the large international projects in which we have participated.

In case you are looking for other visual solutions, we have a visual and special effects company with great experience in the design and creation of WOW effects.