Holoman 170

The person-sized holographic screen
The Holoman is the perfect holographic display for the representation of people or large objects on an almost life-size scale. Its vertical format makes optimal use of space, creating the holographic image of a real flesh-and-blood person who is even able to interact with the viewer. It is a holographic screen that invites you to participate in a visual game in which it is difficult to distinguish reality from the virtual. The magic of holographic technology. With the Holoman you will create a focus of attention in places saturated with messages and visual stimulation.
Our holographic display invites you to participate in a game in which it is difficult to distinguish reality from the virtual
. This holographic display is an intermediate solution between the gigantic custom-made installations and the comfortable showcases of smaller size. Holographic images adapted to any situation thanks to our technology.
Holographic display rental for events and congresses
The usual use of our holographic display is that of: assistant, model, holographic hostess or virtual mannequin. In many fairs, social or institutional events, events, conventions, congresses, airports or other types of places and events, the Holoman is the center of attention. This holographic display has the option of being a holographic photocall or a large virtual object display. Available in size 170.

The Holoman 170 is a large format, vertically structured, single face holographic display.

It works with a 70-inch holographic screen using the Pepper's Ghost technique (45° reflection on a transparent polarized glass surface).

This holographic screen optimizes space thanks to its free background that allows the integration of virtual content with the real environment. This uniqueness generates a volumetric perspective impossible to achieve with other 2D devices.

In addition, its format is vertical and offers a large image size thanks to its large useful viewing area (155cm x 87.2cm). It is a great attraction in public spaces.

It incorporates a multimedia player, but can be connected directly to the live hdmi input.

The 70'' monitor includes speakers suitable for a proximity environment. It can be reinforced by the audio output.

Being a single-face device, the creation of content is simpler and less regulated, allowing to give free rein to creativity.

Examples of use:

Attendant, model, speaker and virtual mannequin.

Holographic photocall

Display of large virtual objects

Stands, fairs, congresses, airports, cinemas...


No need for darkness

Tailor-made video according to the project

Can be decorated with vinyl, foam board or other techniques.

Audio: 2 speakers of 25W + external output

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px

Useful Visual Surface: 1550 x 772mm

Dimensions: 1080 x 2058 x 1821 mm (HxWxD)

Weight: 300 kg

Power supply: 90 - 240 V AC, 50-60Hz