Dreamoc POP3

The economical holographic display
The POP3 is an affordable, small size version of the holographic display. This product is a technological solution that provides the performance, features and holographic possibilities of the Pepper's ghost technique. Holographic images in a single face device,
ideal for stores and displays. With this small holographic display you will be able to show a more attractive message and it will remain in the consumer's retina.
This small holographic display is ideal for points of sale since its small format can be integrated in any shelf, showcase or counter. Its size is the competitive advantage, since it attracts the consumer's attention quickly and the message that is emitted on this holographic display has a high impact rate.
Holographic display rental
Our POP3 holographic display has a full HD resolution and interior capacity for physical objects, achieving combinations of real products mixed with 3D holographic images of absolute realism, you will almost not be able to tell the difference!

The POP3 is a holographic display of small size and high performance. Created to be displayed almost anywhere making it the center of attention.

It incorporates sound and multimedia reader.

Examples of use:

Large marketing campaigns on sales products, department stores, stands...

Dissemination of messages about mass consumption products.


Plug and Play

Size: 45,9 x 35,7 x 46,1 - (HxWxD)

Easily interchangeable contents through the Internet

Auxiliary audio and video in/out connections

Multimedia reader