Dreamoc HD3

Our best-selling holographic pyramid
The Dreamoc HD3.2 is a holographic pyramid with three-sided display, high performance and compact form factor. Specially designed to provide a high quality 3D holographic experience. Capable of housing physical objects inside and combining the virtual world with the real, tangible one. Generating the magical sensation of not being able to distinguish reality from holography.
Holographic pyramid rental for events and exhibitions
Our holographic pyramid is one of our best products for its presence and novelty wherever you expose it. An example of working with this holographic display was the Ferrero Rocher Christmas campaign, where the company of the famous golden chocolates installed our Dreamoc holographic pyramids in 42 commercial surfaces in Spain and Portugal. They showed a three-dimensional projection which interacted with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. If you are looking to attract attention and increase the impact of your advertising campaign in large spaces and surfaces, write to us and we will inform you.

The Dreamoc HD3 has three faces are arranged creating a holographic pyramid of high strength glass (3mmD) and anti-stain treatment, creating a viewing perimeter greater than 180 °. The visual experience, the technological magic of holography, is impeccable and its full HD screen offers the best visual quality.

The LED lamp is located at the vertex of the pyramid, with adjustable intensity through the contents or manually, enabling the play of light inside the device. The play of light enhances the integration of the transitions between the 3D effects and the physical objects housed in the interior cavity.

This holographic pyramid has two powerful built-in speakers to create more immersive sensory experiences. In addition, it is easy to use thanks to its easily configurable on/off timer.

Since the controls are housed on the back, mastering the Dreamoc's features is quick and easy.

Holographic content can be loaded onto an SD card or managed over a network.

It has an HDMI port on the top monitor to implement advanced interactivity solutions, although in this case a computer would have to replace the media player.

Examples of use:

Stands, fairs, offices, stores, showrooms, retail outlets, museums....


3 projection sides.

Viewing angle over 180º.

Full HD image quality with 1920 x 1080 px resolution.

HDMI input for interactivity

Interior LED light with controllable intensity

Programmable on/off switch

Size: 56 x 34.2 x 42 cm - height, width, depth

Network updatable content

Advanced player with SD card support