Dreamoc Diamond

Dreamoc Diamond

360° vision
The Dreamoc Diamond is a 4-sided holographic display with a large format and a structure inspired by the shape of a diamond. It works with two 65-inch screens using the Pepper's Ghost technique (45° reflection on a transparent polarized glass surface). This player achieves an impressive volumetric sensation even with 4k image definition thanks to its 4 illumination points and its imposing size. Its elegant shapes make it stand out in any space.
A diamond for your holographic content
In addition, it has a large useful viewing area, can be surrounded and incorporate large objects inside to combine with 3D content. It incorporates a multimedia reader with micro SD card for loading content. The 65'' monitors include speakers suitable for a proximity environment. It can be reinforced by the audio output. Being a 4-sided device, the creation of content must follow certain guidelines, but the result is always impressive, captivating and innovative.

Inspired by the aesthetic shape of a diamond, this new type of holographic display sublimates your product with elegance, causing a great visual impact.

This holgraphic display is designed and developed to showcase a product in an elegant and attractive way. The Dreamoc Diamond is our most refined experience yet. This holographic image holder is one of the largest four-sided mixed reality displays ever created.
Our holgraphic display is designed and developed to showcase your product
in an elegant and attractive way.
Our Dreamoc Diamond product is specifically designed for events and brand launches in shopping malls, trade shows and other crowded places, because of its size, elegance and presence it attracts and surprises both visitors and exhibitors.

Don't hesitate. If you want to cause a sensation at the next fair or want visitors to your shopping center to notice what you have to advertise, contact us and find out all the advantages of this holographic display. Or come and see us at our 3D imaging company.

Examples of use:

Main attraction, showcase and holographic tour.

Central point of spaces

Display of large virtual and real objects.

Stands, fairs, congresses, airports, cinemas...


Tailor-made video according to the project

Indoor display case perfect for all kinds of objects and sizes.

Can be decorated using vinyl, custom headers or other techniques

Audio output - x4 LED lighting strips

Resolution: 1920:2160 (960×960 pixels per side)

Dimensions: 2360 x 1710 x 2360 mm (WxHxD)

Consumption - 265 W (typ)

Power supply - 100-240V, 50-60 Hz