Dragon O display holografico

Dragon O

The largest three-dimensional device
By projecting still or moving images on the Dragon, we achieve an attractive resource that focuses on its ability to transmit volumetry to the spaces where it is placed. In addition, the Dragon O allows interactivity in real time, turning viewers into active participants who can move by transmitting their expressions to the LED support.
Neural technology
This is a real 3D installation, not an optical illusion. The vertical LED wires combine to make the image appear in the foreground or behind, in this installation that is not a screen but a whole volume. It is a "neuronal" LED technology: each LED has a microchip to know its position and its role in the 3D video coding. It is a "non-grid" system, which allows an organic displacement of pixels to fill empty spaces and thus create more visual information and therefore a higher resolution with the same number of pixels.
The three-dimensional LED display

Our three-dimensional LED screen is a 3D space formed by thousands of pixels, although they are actually called voxels because they are made of light.

Its manufacture by modules, allows a great adaptability to different spaces, providing a sense of visual depth and dynamism.