Laser mapping: with our laser machines, you can create scenographies where you will highlight the space, creating volume through light.

Design contours on building facades, framing architectural details of value and will stand out thanks to the great light power of our laser.

Ideal for all types of spaces, due to its reduced weight and adaptability.

Pre-programmed, to be on time for the most complicated challenges and offer a complete show.

Respectful with delicate environments, such as ruins or old structures that require harmless technology that does not damage protected elements.

Allows cost savings compared to other alternatives such as video mapping, which is not always feasible and whose cost is much higher.

Rent and project laser mapping.

In case you are interested in any of these products just contact us and we will send you a personalized quote without obligation.

The power and quantity of devices will depend on: - Lighting conditions - Space to be covered - Indoor / Outdoor