PRO 3 is a professional Perfume Diffuser in white lacquered aluminum.

Equipped with a high power pump, this diffuser offers a great diffusion.

It integrates a remote control system via WIFI with dedicated Apps (it can also be controlled by DMX relay).

Very easy to use with its integrated timer for weekly programming.
Perfect for use in stores and all professional venues.

All suitable types of essential oils and perfumes can be used.

Effective and practical diffuser.


  • Size: 16,9 × 16,9 × 37,8 cm
  • Weight: 5,8kg
  • Application volume: up to 2.000m³
  • Capacity: 1 removable tank of 500ml
  • Operates on 12V delivered with external power supply
  • Very quiet <45dba
  • Consumption 12,6 w
  • Ideal for use in medium and large volume locations