We transform people into pixels.

The PixMob experience brings new sensations to the crowds and makes people feel like they are living a very special moment. It works as a emotional amplifier, using the crowd euphoria catalyst effect. Pixmob is the ultimate tool for generate climatic moments, like never before. The audience is light… the audience is part of the show. You activate the people's energy, you give them good vibes and you get results in the social medias. With PixMob wearable devices, crowds become canvasses of light generating a sense of unity and shared moment among people.

The "pixels" are distributed within the audience as objects like wristbands, pins, pendants, or balloons. They can even fall from¡m the sky as "helices".

Monochromatic or full colors, then can be simply "impact" activated or fully programmed and wireless activated for creating rich visuals and effects in the crowd.


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